Turquoise Howlite Y Gold-Filed Necklace For

Turquoise Howlite Y Gold-Filed Necklace for

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  • Natural Turquoise Howlite Gemstone
  • 14-Karat Gold-Filled 16" Adjustable Chain & finishes
  • 18-Karat Gold Plated Gemstone Mini Pendant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Handmade with ♡ in Chicago, IL
  • 16" Chain with 3" Drop
  • 2" Adjustable extension

Turquoise is known as the “master healer” and is said to be the bridge between Heaven, Sky, and the Earth. It helps to foster honest and open communication from the heart. It works to protect and align the chakras, strengthening the overall body in the process. It is one of the birthstones for December.

Howlite is one of the “attunement stones” which link the wearer to higher spiritual consciousness. It is a lovely stone to use to reduce anxiety, tensions and stress. It can aid in finding restful sleep and relieves insomnia. Howlite absorbs your own anger and any that is directed toward you. It can also help in overcoming the tendency to criticalness and selfishness, strengthening positive character traits.