Crystal & Oil Potions
Crystal & Oil Potions
Crystal & Oil Potions

Crystal & Oil Potions

Infuse some good juju into your life with these 10 essential oil and crystal blends. Each unique concoction has a different focus based on how the oils and stones work in tandem. Read through the descriptions to see which one (or three) hones in on your specific needs.

Create & Manifest - combines the invigorating aromas of lemon and eucalyptus with the earth, floral scent of rosewood to set the tone for a hardcore session of inspired productivity. Lapis Lazuli helps on tap into the instinct and intuition of their third eye; Obsidian brings forth what hides in the subconscious and acts as a mirror to allow us to see our true selves. This blend of powerful stones allows the user to follow through with all of their intentions set.

Stay Gold - is a bright and refreshing blend of Bergamot, Ginger and Black Pepper. This combo will lift the proverbial cloud that casts its shadow upon you. The vibrancy of these aromas is enhanced by the crystal infusion. Peridot is a stress reliever and helps in releasing negative patterns; Citrine is an energizing stone that absorbs and does away with negative energy.

Amped Up! - employs the stimulating effects of caraway, peppermint and ginger to jolt you out of a slump. Lapis Lazuli is an empowering stone that encourages one to take charge of their life and allows for self expression. It reveals inner truth and releases repressed anger. Crystal Quartz is the most powerful amplifying stone and enhances the effects of any others it is placed with. It absorbed and stores energy so that it may super charge any intention placed upon it. Put down the Red Bull and roll on this powerful concoction for your midday burst of spiritual energy.

Good Vibes Only - is a spiritual palate cleanser. The earthy aroma comes from a pleasing blend of Lavender, Bergamot and Rosewood. Black Tourmaline protects against negative energy, especially from cell phones, and encourages a positive attitude. Citrine energizes the aura and raises self-confidence. Howlite helps eliminate uncontrolled anger and calms turbulent emotions. So take a few moments for yourself, away from Instagram, and reset your body and soul.

Girl Chill - utilizes the soothing aromas of Lavendar, Rosemary and Eucalyptus to pump the brakes on a pending bout of anxiety. One sniff and even the most high strung among us can be transported to a place of zen. Aquamarine is a calming stone that clears the mental clutter in our brains; Howlite aids in patience and settles an overactive mind; Fluorite protects and organizes a body out-of-whack (especially one overexposed to computers, that means all of us!).

Sage Wisdom - opens up the third eye with an earthy blend of Sage, Rosemary and Orange. Tiger's Eye organizes scattered information and allows one to focus on accomplishing goals. Sodalite taps into the higher mind to bring that information to the forefront and clears mental clutter to allow for focus, Turquoise enhances intuition and is a promotor of self-realization. Those who are scatter brained and procrastinate would be wise to use this infusion to push aside unnecessary blockages that hinder their mental acuity.

Meditation Station - combines the calming and clarifying properties of Sandalwood and Frankincense with the sedating properties of Myrrh to provide a scent that takes you from down in the dumps to seventh heaven. Fluorite is great for meditation as it makes order out of chaos and allows you to wade through the muck of details to reveal the big picture. Amethyst helps to purify thought and rid of any negativity and stress. Turquoise has traditionally been a talisman to protect against harm in travel and on the battlefield... and we all know that facing the day can sometimes feel like going to war. So rub on some mediation station when you allow yourself to take a few moments away from the psychic attacks of the world around you.

Take a Deep Breath - When the stresses of the day are taking their toll, and you're feeling like you may blow a gasket, a whiff of this rejuvenating lemon, lemongrass, peppermint and rosemary concoction will help to ease tensions and recharge the body. Blue Lace Agate's circular energy will uplift and balance out the yin and yang. Labradorite protects against negative energies and also helps to bring out the best version of ourselves. So if you feel your inner devil wanting to take over, take a deep breath to shoo it off and bring yourself back from the brink. 

Unplug - Leave the fast paced, modern, urban world behind with this woodsy concoction of fir, rosemary and black pepper. If all of those computer vibrations are harshing your mellow, tourmilated quartz is an excellent stone for dispelling those energies and bringing you back in touch with the earth. Howlite is a very stone and will slay your stress away. Rhodochrosite releases the child within - the one who finds joy in simple pleasures like tossing fallen leaves in the air. So if you don't have time to ditch the city for greener pastures, take a whiff of this magical blend to be reunited with Mother Nature and the joy that she provides.

Boy Bye - Brush off the remnants of a sour relationship or an unsavory interaction with a stranger with this blend of cleansing sage and depression battling lavender and rosewood. Tourmaline is a stone of reconciliation and can clear up inner turmoil. Garnet heals melancholy and strengthens the survival instinct, which can bring hope and courage into critical situations. Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart that dissolves emotional wounds and resentments, allowing one to fully give and receive love (even when such a thing seems impossible). So roll on some of this potion when you're ready to put the past behind you and be receptive to new possibilities.  

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